Inspiring change through Love, Charity, Compassion, and Belonging. Created by PFLAG National.

PFLAG: Inspiring Pride

Two Black same-gender-presenting people embracing

Beautiful, authentic intimacy.

CFH celebrates all kinds of intimacy. However YOU do relationships—or don’t do them—we hold that space sacred.

People at a Pride parade waving rainbow Pride flags

Flags up!

March for justice and celebrate, community, collaboration, and self-love.

A rainbow candle holder with multiple candles glowing nearby

Time for self care.

During Pride month, leaving some time for quiet, solitude, and reflection after a day–or week–of marching is critical for good self-care and mental health.

Let’s hear it for the Bi+s!

With the most disparities—and the least visibility—bisexual+ people are fighting for their rights.

Celebrating authenticity!

Pride means celebrating living authentically and proudly, and celebrating all the things that make you UNIQUELY you.

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