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Beautiful, authentic intimacy.

CFH celebrates all kinds of intimacy. However YOU do relationships—or don’t do them—we hold that space sacred.

Flags up!

March for justice and celebrate, community, collaboration, and self-love.

Time for self care.

During Pride month, leaving some time for quiet, solitude, and reflection after a day–or week–of marching is critical for good self-care and mental health.

Let’s hear it for the Bi+s!

With the most disparities—and the least visibility—bisexual+ people are fighting for their rights.

Celebrating authenticity!

Pride means celebrating living authentically and proudly, and celebrating all the things that make you UNIQUELY you.

#TransKids #SoFierce

Trans kids are so fierce—they can do anything. Bold. Beautiful. Authentic.

Dykes on Bikes.

From the earliest Pride marches, Dykes on Bikes have been the living embodiment of defiance, strength, and queer liberation.

Marriage equality.

In 2015, same-sex couples in the U.S. finally earned the long-fought-for right to legally marry.

Looking into the future.

After a long year at home, many of us are starting to look ahead to traveling again. We’re making our plans for exciting adventures, long in the making.

Share your story with us!

Stories are a powerful tool for change—and we want to hear yours! From moving, personal coming-out journeys, to moments of allyship and showing up for the queer community, every word and every photo has the possibility to change hearts, minds, and laws.

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